Joe Jonas: New Rope Tattoo Has a Family Connection

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Joe Jonas got a new tattoo--find out what the ropes mean!

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Joe Jonas got a new tattoo, as he proudly showed off the new ink--two ropes--on Instagram.

What does the rope tattoo mean?

The intertwined rope symbolizes his family, as Joe explains, "Two ropes (two parents) makes four ends (four brothers)"

What a sweet sentiment--it's nice to find out the meanings behind the ink, isn't it?

Joe has been making plenty of headlines about his new girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, as the pair have been spotted out and about holding hands on a number of occasions.

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What do you think of Joe's new rope tattoo?
Love it. Such a sweet way to honor his family!522 (73.4%)
It's okay.104 (14.6%)
Not a fan.85 (12.0%)

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