Justin Bieber Almost Ruined U.S. Gold Medalist Missy Franklin's Shot at College! Find Out How Here!

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Why did Missy have to give back his gifts?

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Did Justin Bieber ruin U.S. Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin's chance to go to college? Not really, but it could've happened!

After her Olympic run, Missy was accepted to the University of California to swim, of course. In order to get accepted to a NCAA college, you must remain an amateur athlete but cannot receive luxurious gifts (just ask Reggie Bush and the Ohio State Football team too!).

After winning four Olympic gold medals in London, Justin Bieber sent Missy a care package after he heard she was quite the Belieber! Justin even tweeted her during the Olympics, recorded a video message and sent her a box of stuff following her domination of the pool in London.

Although no fancy car or jewelry was sent to her, JB t-shirts, CDs, and posters were but she sent them back.

Yep, she gave JB his gifts back!

Missy was worried that Justin's presents would tick off the NCAA and possibly stop her from attending or competing at Cal next fall.

"It was considered a form of special treatment that could have jeopardized my amateur status. I've given up way too much and sacrificed too much to keep a Justin Bieber T-shirt and lose it all. So I sent it back," she told ESPN.

USA Today is now reporting that the NCAA said they had no intentions on penalizing Franklin and that she actually could've kept the gifts!

"We applaud Missy Franklin's commitment to amateurism, but Bieber Fever is allowed under NCAA rules," NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said.

Aww, what a bummer! She did the right thing though! It's obvious her career comes first!

So, now we have to ask, do you think Justin will send her ANOTHER package? LOL!



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