You Won't Believe Which Celeb The Wanted Let Ride on Their Tour Max George's Guest!

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Love it or hate it, there might be something going on with The Wanted and Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay was just arrested for allegedly punching a girl Max George was talking to in the face at a New York City night club and although there were reports that the cat fight feud over Max wasn't true, we aren't too sure what to believe now!

According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan was spotted at The Wanted's Thursday night Boston show and got there courtesy of the band's luxurious tour bus.

And here's the kicker, she was reportedly listed on the bus' list as Max's guest.

Known to have relationship drama before, Max reportedly admits to inviting the dramatic LiLo to his show. Sources close to him say he's not currently looking for a girlfriend but doesn't mind having Lindsay around.

Booty call much?

Maybe Max is just doing all of this for publicity? Gosh, let's hope so! We aren't hating on Lindsay or anything, we'd just like to see him with someone else...

So, do you think there's something going on between Max George and Lindsay Lohan? Let us know!

Do you think there is something going on between Max George and Lindsay Lohan?
OMG YES!24 (11.8%)
NO! I don't think so!28 (13.8%)
Ugh, I hope not!92 (45.3%)
Who cares!59 (29.1%)

Jay sticks up for Lindsay Lohan in weird way, find out what he did HERE!

Whoa! Why is The Wanted fighting with One Direction?
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