Nick Cannon's "Tired of Seeing Celebrities Kiss Each Other's Butts" Not Guilty? BTR!

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Find out how Nick, Big Time Rush and more of our favorite stars are giving back! "I got tired of seeing celebrities kissing each other's butts at all these other award shows, so I thought, 'Let's shine that light on something more positive,'" said Nick Cannon on the orange carpet of the award show he created, Nickelodeon's TeenNick HALO Awards.

Ne-Yo, Victoria Justice and Neon Trees were just a few of the stars alongside Nick who attended the recent 2012 TeenNick HALO Awards, an award show all about honoring regular teens who give back.

In the spirit of the season of giving, we talked to stars on the orange carpet about how they give back and why they think it's so important to lend a hand.

"When you give back, it makes you feel like a better person. You just feel good and then you're helping someone else that really needs it," said Victoria. "I also think that as a celebrity it's so important to give back, because you're given this power of being able to reach people, so I think it's important to use that voice to create good and inspire other people to do good."

Victoria has worked with the Girl Up, an organization that encourages girls in the US to give girls in developing countries a better future.

Ne-Yo, who performed at the event, also works to give back through his own charity, The Compound Foundation, that works with child welfare, such as kids in group and foster homes.

"A good majority of the people that work with me in my production company came from group homes, foster parents and things of that nature. The thing that bothered them the most and that made this near and dear to me is that in group homes their heart is in the right place in that making sure the kids go to sleep, having something to eat, but as far as inspiring them to be anything other than 'a a group home kid,' [there's] not a lot of that going on there. That's where The Compound Foundation steps in," said Ne-Yo. "We're basically just making sure that these kids understand that where you come from and how you growup has nothing to do with what you can and will accomplish."

Rachel Crow is also working to help foster kids this holiday season on CBS' A Home for the Holidays special.

"I'm adopted, so I feel like I owe it to them to help them," said Rachel.

Rachel and Ne-Yo aren't the only celebrities who like working with causes close to them. Neon Trees, who also performed, raised $20,000 (by playing a concert) for Giant Steps, a preschool for children with autism in their hometown in Utah.

"We all really care about kids having agood childhood and young adulthood and that not being compromised by bullying or illness, because it really makes a difference later," said Neon Trees member Elaine Bradley.

@TheCarlosPena tweeted this photo of me interviewing the he and James at the event!James Maslow and Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush, who worked with Make-A-Wish Foundation on tour this past year, also attended the award show.
"We actually have celebrities here that give back to kids that are going out of their way andhelping," said James. "I think that's a really cool message because yes celebrities should help and go to charity events and everything they can go to, but anybody in the regular world can go out and still give back and be part of a charitable community."

Find out about the teens who were honored at the 2012 HALO Awards here!

@TheCarlosPena tweeted this pic of me
interviewing him and James at the event!



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