Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Breakup Song: 'Idol' Tim Urban's Haylor Lyrics are Inspired!

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Love it. Check out this 'American Idol' alum's Haylor breakup song.

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After seeing one Directioner's Haylor parody song, we were kind of guessing the floodgates would open to more original songs.

We give you the Harry Styles and Taylor Swift breakup song, courtesy of Tim Urban, from American Idol season 9...

If he's faded from your memory (or you don't know of him at all), we're guessing Tim is going to be getting plenty of attention for his Haylor breakup ode.

Tim gives Taylor plenty of inspiration to write the inevitable post-Harry split tune, as he says in the video: "At the moment Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are together, I guess, but there have been a lot of people wondering what song she's going to write about him..."

He added, "I personally had an idea of what that song just might sound like...so this is my version of the song that Taylor Swift is going to write about Harry Styles."

Inspired, for sure!

The Haylor breakup song lyrics include:

He was the wrong direction
With a beautiful face
He made me smile on those December days
I thought for sure that we had something here
But now he's gone to steal some poor girl's tears

It serves me right for thinking he was different
It serves me right for never ever listening
But next time, there won't be a next time for him
And he can keep his accent

This is pretty perfect, wouldn't you say?


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