Harry Styles and Taylor Swift: Kissing, Hugging, and Dancing in Jingle Ball Videos!

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were caught kissing!

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For those of you in denial about Haylor, we've seen some pretty solid video proof that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are definitely dating.

(Olly Murs confirmed Haylor are dating, btw.)

Watch the videos below, showing Taylor dancing with Harry at the Z100 Jingle Ball, the couple hugging (in a pretty dark vid, but still), and even sharing a kiss.

Exhibit A: Harry and Taylor dance at the Z100 Jingle Ball:

Exhibit B: Then she kisses him before going on stage (and Harry looks beyond excited!):

Exhibit C: You're going to need your night-vision goggles for this one, as you can barely see Taylor's glittery shirt hugging a Harry-shaped shadowy figure:

One more... Taylor backstage at the Jingle Ball:

Is this enough proof that Haylor is real? As if Harry flying on Taylor's private jet wasn't enough to seal the deal...

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