Which 'X Factor' Judge Thinks Justin Bieber Got Ripped Off by the Grammys?

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Not only does Scooter Braun have Justin Bieber's back when it comes to his recent Grammys snub but surprisingly one X-Factor judge does too! Can you guess who?!

Nope it's not Demi Lovato or Britney Spears sticking up for The Biebs but Simon Cowell of all people!

Simon told TMZ that he thinks Justin deserved at least one nomination and that the Grammy peeps can be a bit snobby sometimes.

The music mogul is known to be the "mean judge" on all of his reality singing TV show gigs so it was super surprising to hear him compliment Justin!

As for Justin himself, he's cool with not getting nominated for a Grammy award...really!

In an interview with Z-100 last week, he told fans, "Thank you to all my beautiful fans out there ... you know, I don't need a Grammy to have your love ... you guys are still incredible and I love you."

Aww! There's always next year Biebs!

Were you shocked by Simon's JB comment? Do you think Justin got ripped off by the Grammys? Let us know!

Find out what Scooter Braun had to say about Justin's Grammy snub HERE!

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