Liam Payne Injured by Directioners at Airport: What Happened?

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What happened to Liam Payne at Heathrow Airport? Fans were rough!

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With all the buzz surrounding Haylor these days, it seems our other One Direction faves are getting lost in the shuffle.

For instance...did you know that Liam Payne got hurt at the airport when they touched down at Heathrow Airport late last week?

Liam tweeted about the injury along with the pic below, writing, "The awkward moment when a girl gives you a Chinese burn in the airport."

He wrote earlier of the scene at the airport, tweeting, "I don't know why people are blaming us for this it's so sad :( when everyone's rushing and make it unsafe we get thrown back in our cars"

He added, "That was actually horrible I literally wanted to cry and all those people shouting shit at us and we even tried to stop so shit"

He tweeted the pic of his arm, writing, "Lol I just looked at my arm that's what happens when somebody pulls at your skin too hard #crazyday"

He followed it up with, "My scratch is that bad I think I might just have to cut my arm off."

Ah, we know Directioners just want to touch the 1D guys, but be a little more gentle, ladies!

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