Demi Lovato Naked Photo Prank: Demi's Twitter Account Hacked?

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Check out the Demi Lovato naked pic posted to her hacked Twitter account!

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Did a Demi Lovato nude photo get leaked online?

Was Demi's Twitter account hacked?

Turns out Demi posted the naked pic as a can imagine how many people fell for Demi's hoax, when it appeared her Twitter account was hacked, followed by the promise of seeing Demi naked!

Demi had the last laugh though, posting the pic of her face Photoshopped onto a naked body--a nude Barbie, that is!

Here's how it went down...

A tweet that read "Demi's twitter is hacked" was followed by a tweet that said "#hacked."

That was followed by this tweet: "Want to see Demi naked?" and the announcement, "Here it is."

Those looking to see Demi naked instead got an eyeful of Demi's face on a naked Barbie, with the tweet: "BAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotcha ;) hehehe"

We LOVE Demi's sense of humor...and have to wonder how many people fell for it!

Here's Demi's "naked" pic:

Demi Lovato Twitter

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