Miley Cyrus' Dog Passes Away, Send Your Condolences!

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Miley Cyrus' dog, Lila, has passed away.

The animal lover celeb posted the horrible news on her Twitter account yesterday. She continued throughout the day to express her sadness on the social website and even posted a few pics of her and her beloved pooch.

We all know Miley has a million furry friends at home but Lila held a special place in her heart. Last year Lila had health problems and Miley went to Twitter to express her concern. She has also tweeted that no one loves her more than Lila.

Awww! Poor Miley!

Do any of you guys, who have lost a pet before, have any advice for Miley? Feel free to leave your condolences for Miley and Lila in the comments or via social media.

Peep pics of Miley and her adorable pets HERE!

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