Golden Globes 2013: Best Animated Film Nominees (Which Gets Your Vote?)

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brave, frankenweenie, golden globe, hotel transylvania, rise of the guardians, wreck it ralph
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The 2013 Golden Globe nominations are finally out.

There were so many awesome animated films this year, we're stumped!

How can we choose between Disney's new hero, Brave, and Wreck-It Ralph, an animated ode to old-school video arcade games? Plus we've got Tim Burton perfecting the balance between creepy and cute in Frankenweenie. Not to mention how cool Dracula's place is in Hotel Transylvania. And how can Rise of the Guardians not make your holiday movie list?

Which animated film would have your vote?
Brave24 (11.2%)
Frankenweenie7 (3.3%)
Hotel Transylvania13 (6.1%)
Rise of the Guardians129 (60.3%)
Wreck-It Ralph41 (19.2%)

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