Parental Guidance's Joshua Rush Gives Us a Dreidel Lesson!

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Joshua Rush from Parental Guidance teaches us a cool holiday game! Looking for a movie to watch over the holidays? How about Parental Guidance?

The film stars Billy Crystal as Artie Decker, who is charged with the simple task of taking care of his three grandchildren after his daughter leaves for work. Artie tries using 21st century methods, but soon goes back to what he knows best, old-school parenting.

We got to hang with the actor who plays Turner Decker Simmons (one of the grandchildren), Joshua Rush!

The adorable 10-year-old reminds us how to play a fun holiday game, dreidel.

And he gave us a tip: "I prefer the smaller ones, because they spin quicker," says Joshua.

Hit the clip above to watch Joshua sing "The Dreidel Song!"

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