Selena Gomez Reportedly Cries and Throws a Fit Because of Nick Jonas! Find Out Why!

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Justin Bieber was involved too!

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What happens when your new boyfriend hangs out with your ex...?

Just ask Selena Gomez!

She had to deal with her on again off again boyfriend, Justin Bieber, hanging with her ex-boo Nick Jonas!

On Twitter Thursday night, Nick said he played ping pong against the Biebs and didn't win. He also spilled that Bieber is the ping pong champion!

According to HollywoodLife, Selena wasn't too happy about the two guys hanging out and apparently cried over it. When she tried to call Justin to complain, he supposedly didn't answer.

Obviously neither of the dudes cared about what she thought and continued to hang anyway.

So, do you think Selena overreacted?

We can see why she would be super uncomfortable and upset! That situation would be weird!

How would you feel if your new boyfriend hung out with your ex? Let us know!

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