Harry Styles Spent How Much on Taylor Swift's Birthday Presents?!

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Find out all of the gifts Harry Styles bought for Taylor Swift's birthday.

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Harry Styles showed what a sweet boyfriend he is when he gifted Taylor Swift with 23 cupcakes for her birthday.

If you thought maybe he should have shelled out a little more, you weren't alone--a lot of our readers who took the poll about Taylor's birthday gift thought the same.

Harry reportedly did buy Taylor more gifts, spending $650 on a Jimmy Choo Bag, as well as buying her antique earrings, perfume, and a black and white photo of Haylor in a vintage frame.

Total birthday cost? $1,600.

That's pretty generous--and the gifts were all things that a woman would want--so great job, Harry!

A source told The Sun, "Harry put a lot of thought into her gifts and really wanted to show her just how special she is to him. The boys teased him about how mushy he's become, but he doesn't seem to care."

What do you think of Harry's birthday gifts for Taylor?

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