Harry Styles: Check Out a Pic of the Taylor Swift Birthday Cupcakes!

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The cupcakes Harry Styles bought for Taylor Swift's birthday!

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Harry Styles' gift of cupcakes for Taylor Swift's birthday last week may be long behind us, but for anyone who wanted to know what exactly they looked like, we've got the photo!

1DShakeMyTurtle asked the bakery that made Harry's special birthday gift about the cupcakes, tweeting: "if you dont mind me asking, what type of cupcakes did Harry get Taylor? :)"

They were more than happy to provide photographic evidence of the sweet treats--a variety of 23 cupcakes for Taylor's 23rd birthday.

Custom Cupcake Co. responded with a pic, tweeting: "here's a pic of the boxes he purchased"

These are, however, not the actual boxes Harry bought, as 1DShakeMyTurtle asked: "are these the exact cupcakes? :) :)"

The bakery responded: "I have recreated the selection so that people can see what he picked up :)"

There you have it--the Harry Styles special--an assortment of delicious looking cupcakes for Taylor.


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