Selena Gomez Announces UNICEF Charity Concert in New York City!

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First we got the news of Justin Bieber's acoustic album release in January 2013 and now a Selena Gomez New York City concert? Can the new year start off any better?

Selena just announced on Twitter that she will be performing at the 3rd Annual UNICEF Charity Concert in NYC!

The big show will be at the Best Buy Theater on Saturday, January 19!

Want to get tickets? They're on sale for $100 each and can be purchased at Ticketmaster on December 21 at 10 AM EST. Selena Gomez Fan Club members can buy meet and greet packages HERE tomorrow at 10am EST!

Selena was appointed UNICEF Ambassador in September 2009. This will be her third acoustic concert for the charity. In 2011, her concert raised over $200,000! UNICEF provides children across the world with proper nutrition, clean water, medicine, education and more.

After announcing her charity show, Selena tweeted that 2013 is a year of music for her! Perhaps last year was the year of Bieber? Either way, we're totally stoked for her new stuff and totally can't wait to check out this show!

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