Simon Cowell: "I'm Still Going to Be Backing My Girls to Win This"

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Find out what else Simon had to say about this season on X Factor!

Has Simon Cowell created the next big thing, again?

We got to go to the X Factor press conference a few days before the finale and to hear what the judges like Simon had to say about this season, Fifth Harmony and the X Factor legacy!

Everyone knows that Simon is the mastermind behind One Direction (thank you, we're obsessed!), but how different was it for him to work with a girl band this time? "A nightmare. We've all got our opinions," Simon said. Well, of course.

With Fifth Harmony being the underdogs, it's a new experience for Simon. "It's a more interesting expierience, we've got to work that much harder. I feel a real momentum building up with these girls. I think this is the closest final I've ever been involved in," said Simon. "I'm still going to be backing my girls to win this." Sounds like he's found himself five new BFFS!

"Working with a girl band is very different than working with a boy band. The first half of the relationship, you have to guide them. And then the second half of the relationship, they have to guide you. I trust their judgement more than I trust mine almost," Simon revealed. Wow.

We love how much Simon is rooting for Fifth Harmony, "The girls are a viable pop group in the vein of One Direction," he said. We don't know about you guys, but we think that's saying a lot!

Simon went into this season expecting a challenge with ratings, "Not only with us but with everything because it's overkill. There are way, way too many talent shows on," he explained. "Once The Voice decided to have Monday and Tuesday, we were Wednesday and Thursday." X Factor has declined 25% in ratings this season compared to last.

Ratings may be important, but that isn't the most important thing on Simon's list, "The one thing that is most important is the legacy you leave behind each year. And the legacy we leave behind is the talent," he declared proudly. "Not just these three (Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Soneclar, Tate Stevens) but also with our artists like Emblem3. That's what we're judged on."


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