'X Factor' Finalists' Duets With LeAnn Rimes, Little Big Town and Demi Lovato!

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Which of the contestants do you think Demi will be sharing the stage with during the finale of 'X Factor'?
One of our favorite things about the X Factor finale is the celebrity duets!

At the X Factor press conference we got to hear who the finalists (Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens) will be sharing the stage with and found out who Demi Lovato would collaborate with after the show.

"Can I say it?" asked Simon Cowell when asked who Fifth Harmony would be doing a duet with. "Well, we did have a say, and it's kind of irritating to say that the person we [Fifth Harmony] decided to duet with is Demi Lovato."

Simon, you are a true mastermind.

And just when we thought he was being nice: "Because she hasn't got anyone in the finals, I kind of felt like she needed something to do," he added. Demi quickly shot back, "Oh thank you, how generous! Such a sweet person."

All jokes aside, Simon said, "I am happy that she agreed to do it. And I think you are going to help the girls. And I'm grateful for that." Aw! Digging really deep there, Simon.

Fifth Harmony may be more excited about their duet with Demi than, well, everyone. "We look up to Demi so much, we almost cried," said the girls. Simon corrected them, "No, you did cry."

Fifth Harmony has done so well with Demi's music, and now there's going to be a duet. Could we hear a collaboration in the future? "I'm always open to collaborations. I'm never closed minded," said Demi. "I think they're such sweet, down-to-earth girls."

Carly told us who she will be sharing the stage with. And guys, it's a little bit of an awesome shocker. "LeAnn Rimes is going to be singing with me," revealed Carly. "I think she's amazing and her voice is really special. I'm excited."

As for the last male contestant, Tate will be having a nice little party with his duet partners. "I'm performing with Little Big Town," he said. "It'll be a bonfire!"

Get ready for some hot performances this week!

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