Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift to Tour Together?

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Selena Gomez and Taylor SwiftGetty

Can you even imagine the bundle of awesomeness a Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez tour would be?!

It could happen!

Selena recently admitted that her dream tour mate would be her BFF Taylor!

Sel's obviously into Taylor's type of music too! She just released a video of herself dancing to Tay's new single. Maybe she could be her back-up dancer as well?

We really think the tour could be a possibility because Selena recently told that she's considering a world tour next year!

Taylor's already touring in 2013 and she already has spectacular tour mates like Ed Sheeran! Maybe the BFF tour will go down in 2014?

IF it does happen, we think the Selena/Taylor tour would be so fun and would also rake in a lot of cash for everyone involved! There would surely be awesome surprise guests Justin Bieber or Harry Styles!

Do you think Selena and Taylor will ever tour together? Are you going to check out Sel if she decides to tour? Let us know!

Do you think Taylor and Selena should tour together?
OMG YES!823 (66.9%)
Ahh, no!268 (21.8%)
I'm not sure!140 (11.4%)

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