Taylor Swift Planning to Spend $80,000 on Harry Styles' Christmas Present?

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Taylor Swift is going to drop big money on Harry Styles' birthday gift?

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After Harry Styles bought an all-star lineup of birthday gifts for girlfriend Taylor Swift for her birthday, chatter started about what Taylor would give Harry for Christmas and/or his birthday.

Since Harry's birthday isn't until February 1, the next big holiday is Christmas, with reports swirling that Taylor will spend a whopping $80,000 for his gift.

What is she shelling out so much money for?

According to London's Daily Star, Taylor reportedly plans to buy Harry $80K worth of rare Beatles memorabilia.

That's so generous, but what do you get for the boy bander who likely has everything?

Harry plunked down $1,600 for a variety of thoughtful gifts for Taylor's 23rd birthday, including cupcakes (see the super cute cupcakes here!), a Jimmy Choo bag, a framed pic of them together, perfume and antique earrings.

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