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Where did Haylor go after last night's X Factor finale?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been spotted...in Utah, as seen in this pic posted to Twitter!

@edreher tweeted a pic of Haylor together, writing, "TAYLOR SWIFT AN ONE DIRECTION IS THIS A F***ING JOKE"

Yep, that's Taylor and Harry, believed to be in Utah on a ski vacation together.

@edreher followed up her sighting by tweeting: "Omg OMG omg what are the odds. T swift just talked to me and said it was nice meeting me"

Unfortunately, the couple weren't open to having pics taken with the fan, as she tweeted: "She [Taylor] denied a picture with me......rude"

The interest in Haylor's whereabouts even earned the Twitter user a bigger following, as she tweeted: "Just gained 200 followers due to this. Now goin to get hot cocoa with t and h"

What do you think of Haylor's skiing downtime? Can they go anywhere without being spotted?

We'll keep you updated on all the Haylor news, so stay tuned!

Update: Taylor's brother is reportedly there with them.

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