Harry Styles Asked About Taylor Swift on 'X Factor' Red Carpet: His Answer Might Surprise You!

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Harry Styles is asked about Taylor Swift on the 'X Factor' red carpet. Watch!

The One Direction guys graced the X Factor red carpet last night, stopping for interviews--and we have to share what Harry Styles said about Taylor Swift.

Watch the video below, where the 1D guys are asked, "How is Taylor Swift?"

The guys all push the question in Harry's direction and while he doesn't have anything to say--he is adorably speechless!

We think his silence and body language speak volumes...then again, maybe we're reading into things about Haylor just a little too much!

Case in point, check out this fun little tidbit that Harry is reportedly "lovestruck" over Taylor...

A source tells ShowbizSpy.com, "In the beginning, Harry loved all the attention, but now he's wondering what he got himself into," adding, "Whenever she calls--even during important meetings--lovestruck Harry whips out his phone, leaves the room and gabs with his girl while leaving his bandmates, managers, and reps hanging."

Hmm...lovestruck, eh?

What do you think of Harry's response to the Taylor question on the X Factor red carpet?

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