Alexandra Chando: "I Never Make a New Year's Resolution"

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She doesn't have a resolution, but Alexandra Chando has a cool collection of... Sticking to a New Year's resolution can be tough, so we get why some people don't even bother.

Alexandra Chando from The Lying Game stopped and revealed why she doesn't make resolutions and how her family makes the holidays festive.

"I never do it because I never follow through," Alexandra told us about New Year's resolutions. Hey, at least she was honest!

She may not vow to stop eating chocolate, but she does have a pretty cool family holiday tradition that her mom started.

"Every year she gets us a glass blown ornament," Alexandra said. The ornament pertains to something that each of us did during the year!

Alexandra has a solid collection already. "We all have, like, 10 of them now, so when we have our own families, we'll have our own ornaments," she says.

Wow, that puts the rad in tradition!

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