Nikki Reed, Ne-Yo and More: Find Out Who's Being "Forced" to Spend the Holidays With Mom!

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Presents, lights, family, food...we can't decide which part of the holidays is our favorite but we do know what some of our favorite celebs are doing this season!

We recently met up with Ne-Yo, Roshon Fegan and Nikki Reed and HAD to know their holiday plans this year! And believe it or not, they're pretty typical!

While Nikki and her husband are heading down south and doing a little singing in Nashville, Ne-Yo said he's being forced to go wherever his mother is or she might kill him. LOL!

Roshon was on our level and said that he's totally in for the food and his family is all about holiday eating.

See what everyone else had to say about their family holiday traditions in the video above!

What is your favorite thing to do during the holidays? Do you have any family traditions? Let us know!

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