What Does Austin Mahone Have Planned for Christmas? (Hint: It Involves the Kitchen!)

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austin mahone
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Austin Mahone is so busy we had to catch up over the phone about his music, New Year's resolutions and Christmas plans.

"I plan on going to San Antonio, where I'm from. And I'm gonna spend time with my family and friends," said Austin.

More details, pretty please? "I like to bake cookies and eat them afterward," revealed Austin, after telling us that he also likes to set up the Christmas tree. (Fun fact: His favorite cookie to bake is chocolate chip. The bet thing about those is that you can make them year-round.)

Austin told us about the best and not-so-best Christmas gift that he's ever received, "The best gift I've received was a new red bike when I was 5," he recalled. "Then one year, I got socks. Like, regular socks." We can relate, but at least you can never have too many pairs of socks.

With the year quickly coming to an end, we had to find out if Austin accomplished his 2012 resolution. "My New Year's resolution was to get signed by a huge record label, and I made that happen," he said proudly.

Look out for Austin in 2013!

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