Demi Lovato Tweets About Happiness, Thankful for Recovery

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Demi Lovato shares her happiness in a series of tweets--read 'em now!

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We LOVE Demi Lovato's positive outlook on life and her tweets today sound like she's really in a great place.

Demi got a bit introspective on Twitter, writing about her health, happiness, and recovery.

It's a gift that Demi shares her ups and downs with fans, and we couldn't be more thrilled with her happiness!

Demi tweeted: "I don't know what's better...Being healthy and really happy, or people noticing how healthy and really happy you are?"

She added, "It's just surreal. I never knew this kind of happiness existed. Cherishing this moment...So thankful for recovery. God is good."

Demi followed it up with a tweet about the joy of feeling great and people noticing it: "It's just an incredible feeling when people who haven't seen in a while tell you "You look so happy"...well, I'm glad it shows!!"

Demi has been enjoying the holidays with her family in Texas, tweeting: "So very thankful to have spent Christmas with the ones that I love. Literally the best Christmas I've ever had. It even snowed! In TEXAS!!"

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