Harry Styles Hurt His Chin: What Happened When He Went Skiing with Taylor Swift?

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What happened to Harry Styles chin? Find out!

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Ouch! What happened to Harry Styles' chin?

It looks like Harry suffered a skiing injury during his vacation with gf Taylor Swift.

Pics of Harry Styles sporting a bandage on his chin had faithful Harry fans worried about their fave 1D guy.

While there's been no definitive explanation about what happened to Harry's chin, it's believed to have been skiing related, since he had the bandage on his face when he returned from the trip.

Harry was spotted at London's Heathrow airport with his chin hidden from view in his sweater.

Later, Hazza was seen in pics with a lovely bandage on the injury.

Now all of that mystery surrounding Harry's tweet "Chin chinnigan, chin chinnigan..." makes so much sense!

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