What Did Harry Styles Get Taylor Swift for Christmas? A Singing Telegram?!?

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What did Harry Styles get Taylor Swift for Christmas?

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Did Harry Styles get Taylor Swift an extravagant Christmas gift?

The buzz is that Harry gave Taylor the gift of song--via a singing telegram.

The Sun reports that Harry had a singer come to Taylor's doorstep to sing One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful"--country-western style.

A source tells The Sun, "Even though they were apart on Christmas Day, he wanted to make sure she'd be thinking of him. The singagram was an ideal present. She has a great sense of humor. He knew she'd think it was hilarious."

The source said that while Harry and Taylor weren't together for Christmas, they did chat on Skype.

As for that romantic ski trip that Haylor took? It sounds like love was in the air, as one Twitter user who happened to be staying in the same condo reported on Harry and Taylor's getaway.

Brooke Plemmons took to Twitter to say that Haylor hit up the hot tub, tweeting, "Harry Styles is staying in the same condo as me. Y'all I'm cryin. They are at this club that I am too young to get in, so idk if it's gonna happen."

She added, "[Harry] was holding hands with tswift. I saw him first in hot tub outside my condo then on the streets in downtown but I was in a bus."

Where will Haylor turn up together next?

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