Justin Bieber's Record Label Reportedly Upset Over His Demanding, Diva Ways!

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Uh oh! Is Bieber a brat?

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Justin Bieber is a diva? Noooo way!

According to several reports, Justin's record label, Def Jam Records, is tired of his demands and bratty ways and is worried his career might be in danger.

Since his popularity has grown over the years and he's been with Selena Gomez, people in his camp have allegedly tried to calm him down and talk to him about his behavior and how it could harm his future.

The Biebs reportedly doesn't care about what they have to say and continues to do what he wants to do.

Just this year alone, Bieber has been pulled over several times, talked to the police on almost a daily basis regarding the paparazzi and even made fun of Prince William and Manny Pacquiao.

According to Forbes.com, Bieber made $55 million last year! His peeps don't want to see him spiral downward like other young celebs, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan.

We've loved Justin for years now and we can say that we've noticed a little change in his attitude. We don't think he's being a brat or diva-like, we just think he's getting older and probably tired of everyone being in his business!

Justin is an adult now and it is his life...so we say let him do what he wants! And really, if his record label drops him....it would probably be their biggest mistake...like ever. The kid sells records like crazy!

Do you believe that Justin Bieber is a diva? Let us know!




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