Is Demi Lovato Leaving 'X Factor'?

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Will Demi Lovato return to season 3 of X Factor--or is she leaving the show?

With buzz surrounding Britney Spears getting fired from X Factor, many are wondering if the show will be cleaning house and letting Demi go as well.

Fans initially started to worry that Demi was leaving X Factor when she tweeted after the show's finale, writing that she was "thankful for this experience I've had on The X Factor USA this year."

She added, "I'm really really really gonna miss working with @LA_Reid. So many laughs and inside jokes. Truly blessed to know you LA. Love you so much."

Demi also tweeted: "Also I'm going to miss sitting next to the STUNNING, gorgeous and down-to-earth sweetheart @britneyspears...Britney...I'm gonna miss you."

She even had a tweet for Simon Cowell, writing, "You may seem like a grumpy old man who gets on my nerves (which you are and you do) BUT...I love you. You have an amazing heart and I'm very thankful I got the opportunity to get to know the genuine, humble and loving side of you."

She added, " I will miss making fun of you twice a week. I'll still be doing it...Just not to your face..."

Finally, Demi tweeted, "And my fans...You are family. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Thank you for watching and supporting me on The X Factor USA."

Was that Demi's way of saying that she would be leaving X Factor?

Demi's rep tells that her tweets weren't an indication she was leaving, rather Demi was "just saying goodbye for the season."
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