Liam Payne: Most Embarrassing Moment, Plus Job He'd Have if He Wasn't in 1D

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  • What did Liam Payne do to get a girl's attention? Did it work?

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Liam Payne recently shared the craziest thing he did for love, telling Teen Vogue about an embarrassing moment when he serenaded a girl he liked.

Let's just say it didn't quite go like it does in the movies.

Liam explained, "I once sang for a girl when I was younger. I was young and naive, and I'll never do that again. I sang to her and asked her out. She went out with me once and dumped me. Sad story. It was really embarrassing!"

He added, "I was in school, I stood by the lockers, with my mates and her mates, and I just broke into song like in High School Musical. I sang Mario's "Let Me Love You". How cheesy! It was probably the worst thing I ever did."


Liam also told the magazine what he'd be doing if he hadn't landed himself such a successful singing career, saying, "I would be working in a factory with my dad."

We're glad One Direction worked out for him!


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