How Joshua Rush From 'Parental Guidance' Started Acting: "My Mom Noticed I Was a Real Ham"

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Find out how Joshua ended up with cake in his hair! Ever wonder how child actors get their start?

We talked to Joshua Rush from Parental Guidance about just that.

Joshua's mom is a corporate video producer, "She put me in her videos and she noticed I was a real ham," Joshua tells us. Mothers do know best!

Joshua plays middle grandchild Turner. "He's a really great kid," Joshua says. "But he has a stutter and he's sort of hidden behind his stutter."

Turner and Joshua may have more in common than most actors and their characters. "[Turner] was bullied and so was I," he explains and shares some pretty amazing insight, considering he's only 11 years old. "You're a great person inside. That bully is probably jealous of you."

Joshua gave us a big hint about his favorite scene to film. "Our grandfather (played by Billy Crystal) leaves us in a room with a huge ice cream cake," he says.

You don't have to leave the rest to your imagination. Hit the clip above to find out the fate of that cake!

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