Asher Monroe Shows Us His Home Studio!

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Check out Asher's remixed teaser of his new single, 'Here With You'! Can we just say how jealous we are of Asher Monroe's home studio?

"It took me a long time to get this type of studio," Asher said when he he gave us a personal tour of his "lab." "Sometimes I work in different studios, but this is great for writing."

Talk about dreams coming true. "Sometimes I don't realize that maybe a lot of the stuff I dreamt and wanted is already coming true," Asher revealed. "I don't realize it because I'm in the moment of it."

What a great way to be. Asher has other big plans for the future. "There are a lot of milestones that I want to accomplish," he added. "I know if I just keep working as hard as I'm working, it will get me there."

Hit the clip above to see Asher's home studio and hear a remixed teaser of his single "Here With You."

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