Pretty Little Liars' Gregg Sulkin: How He Stays Grounded

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We love our friends from England!

Gregg Sulkin from Pretty Little Liars may have a career that's starting to become out-of-this-world, but we got to find out how he stays so down-to-earth.

Being close to family keeps Gregg grounded, "My parents have always been strict on how I come across," he explains.

Gregg also told us his parents come to visit him once every three months, and now we know why he's such a mama's boy! "I pile [laundry] away for three months, my mom comes, it's clean again," he reveals. Kinda like magic.

Gregg is focusing on balancing his career between film and television at the moment, but he knows where he wants to be in the long run. "Directing is something I want to do way, way down the line," said Gregg before adding, "I look at directors and I'm like, you don't sleep!"

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