Demi Lovato Tweets "Vacations Aren't Even Fun Anymore": What Happened?

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Demi Lovato tweets from her vacation--being a celeb isn't always easy.

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Demi Lovato is currently on a well-deserved vacation after putting in a ton of work in 2012.

Only, it seems that Demi's vacation isn't all it's cracked up to be, as she tweeted: "Why do people think that just because you put your music out there, people suddenly own you?"

She followed it up by writing: "Vacations aren't even fun anymore. :("

Aw. We hate to hear that--but we totally understand the downside of being a celeb.

What happened?

One of Demi's fans, Jess Grodsky, tweeted: "@ddlovato I was there when that happened, and those people were totally wrong. They should be kicked out. I hope you come back, im a big fan"

Poor Demi. It sounds like some people were really rude to her.

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