Justin Bieber Forgiven by Hamster Association After Giving Pet Hamster to Fan

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The California Hamster Association (CHA) has forgiven Justin Bieber for giving away his pet hamster to a screaming fan after they accused him of animal cruelty.

It all went down a few weeks ago when JB gave his pet, PAC, to a fan outside of his Atlanta Jingle Ball concert. The fan, a girl named Tori, was ecstatic and vowed to take care of the pet.

When news of the pet giveaway hit, Justin was accused of animal cruelty by the California Hamster Association.

Yes, there really is a Hamster association.

Anyway, they were ticked off about the hamster situation and said that JB should've been more careful handing the creature off because they can die easily if their environments change too drastically.

After it was obvious the new owner of PAC was treating him like a king, the CHA backed off and now they're apologizing to The Biebs.

Click here to read what they had to say!

Do you think the CHA had a reason to fire back at Justin in the first place? Did JB do anything wrong by giving his pet to a fan? Let us know!

Did Justin do anything wrong by giving PAC away?
NO! He couldn't take care of it and knew his fan would!173 (76.2%)
Yes! PAC was HIS responsibility!54 (23.8%)

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