Demi Lovato New Year's Eve Tweets: Remembering Rehab

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Demi Lovato took to Twitter on New Year's Eve--read what she wrote!

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Demi Lovato took some time from her New Year's Eve celebrating to reflect on her personal journey.

Demi has truly come a long way, and took to Twitter to share that two years ago she was in rehab.

Demi tweeted, "Two years ago, I watched the ball drop on TV in rehab and cried my eyes out. Tonight I'm on the beach with my closest, most loyal friends...sipping coffee and sharing how beautiful life is and how far we've come. Recovery is a beautiful thing friends. Life is good, God is great!"

We're so glad that Demi has been successful in her recovery, but also happy that she's shared her story and made a difference in so many other people's lives.

She added, "Everyone please be careful and smart tonight. NYE is about celebrating the past year and the year to come. Set goals and dream big #2013..."

Demi also noted, "By the way--just reminding teens out there that you don't have to drink on NYE to have fun. Be the difference."

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