Broke Girl's Guide: Get Trendy '80s Fashion Tips Now!

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You won't wanna miss these '80s DIY tips!

(Broke Girl's Guide bloggers Erin Bunch and Michelle Vick share their best '80s DIY fashion tips below!)

The 1980's didn't exactly make history for being the pinnacle of modern fashion. Quite the opposite, in fact -- one look at pictures of our moms from that era sends serious shudders down our spines. Aquanet hair! Shoulder pads! Oh, the horror.

There are, however, a few trends from the era that have circled back into style, and we wholeheartedly embrace them. Today, we're going to show you how to create three different '80s-era looks, with a 2012 twist. No Aquanet required.


Bold brows were all the rage in the 1980's, as evidenced by the likes of beauties such as Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields.

Well, this look is back in a big way, and you need in on it immediately, if not sooner. We find that the best (broke) way to get free makeup tutorials is via beauty vloggers on YouTube. One of our favorites is DulceCandy (skeptical? just wait!), and since she is much better at demonstrating this technique than we are, we're going to refer you to her video how-to on bold brows for this portion of the program.


Remember bermuda shorts? Well, they're back for spring. But we're not going to wear them the same way people wore them back in the '80s (thankfully). Instead, you should grab a pair (we like these, these, and these, just to get an idea) -- the slouchier the better. Then, pair them with a sloppily-tucked, button-down blouse, a blazer, and pointy-toed, ankle-strap heels. Voila!


We feel like American Apparel did more to bring this style back than the remake of Flashdance did,but either way we prefer looks from the original film for inspiration. It's simple to cut an ordinary sweatshirt (ours was $12 at Buffalo Exchange, but you can get a Hanes sweatshirt at Target for even less) -- just follow these simple steps!

1) First, plan the depth and width of your new neckline by considering how much skin you want to expose. Extending a standard, crewcut sweatshirt neckline by making it 1 inch lower-cut and 2 inches wider on either side will reveal the top of one shoulder. On the other hand, if you extend the neckline by 4 inches on either side and 3 inches in the front, you will completely expose both shoulders. We recommend starting small and then extending the neckline incrementally, since you can always go back and cut more!

2) Next, mark the measurements of your new neckline by making hatch marks on the front, back, and shoulder seams of the sweatshirt with a marker (preferably washable). Start by drawing the hatch marks 1 inch wider and 2 inches deeper than the original crewcut neckline.

3) Create a full circle around the original crew neck by connecting the hatch marks with your marker. This circle marks your new neckline.

4) Finally, cut into the sweatshirt from the neck opening and continue cutting around the marker circle. Cut immediately past the marker line so you cut off the line of ink on the sweatshirt. Try it on to see what you think about the fit, and keep cutting until it's perfect!

We're also going to add a pop of color to this sweatshirt by using another throwback as dye -- Kool-Aid! Here's how:

1) Soak your sweatshirt in room-temperature water in the sink for at least 30 minutes. You want to make sure it's fully saturated so that there aren't any dry spots as it can throw the coloring off.

2) Fill a large pot, put it on the stovetop, and stir in at least 5 packs of Kool-Aid. The more the merrier! The richer and darker the color is in the pot, the more the color will show up on the fabric. (Not sure which color/flavor of Kool-Aid to choose? We love Berry Blue, Pina Pineapple, and Blastin' Berry Cherr.y)

3) Put the sweatshirt in the pot, and let it sit overnight.

4) Finally, turn on the stove and heat it until it's almost boiling to help set the color. Then, turn off the stove, and let the water cool to room temperature.

5) Finally, remove your sweatshirt, and rinse it in cool water before drying.

*Note: Kool-Aid is fun, but it is NOT the most reliable of dyes! If you're looking for a predictable dye that won't fade, we recommend picking up a shade by Rit, which can be found in most fabric stores.



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