Harry Styles: Throwback Video Shows Him Crying Over Internet Hate! Should Haylor Haters Back Off?

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Harry Styles might not want to get on the Internet any time soon!

After pictures and video of him smoochin' Taylor Swift on New Year's Eve in New York City surfaced today, many "Haylor" haters went to the social media website to voice their opinion on the new relationship. Even the restaurant chain Applebees used the #Haylor hash tag to chime in!

While many claim to be 1D or Tay fans, they've said awful things about Harry and his girlfriend too. Just search #Haylor on Twitter...need we say more?

Fans seem to be mad that the celebs didn't admit they're dating and left the video as proof. But really, who are we to say anything about them or their relationship? Why should they have to tell us anything about their personal lives?

All of the drama made us think back to Harry's segment from a TV special awhile back where he talks about Internet hate. He actually starts crying in the vid!

Perhaps a lot of supposed 1D fans should rewatch this clip and realize that the things they're saying are hurting their favorite pop star. How much of a fan can you be if you aren't happy he's happy? And really, he could be with someone a lot worse than Tay Tay!

Check out Harry's crying session below! It's pretty sad! And click here to see Haylor's New Year's Eve lip lock!

Do you think the Haylor hate should stop? We do!!

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