Kris Allen Announces He's Going to Be A Dad While in the Hospital!

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American Idol winner su rives car wreck and Tweets he's expecting a baby with wife Katy Kris Allen is one lucky guy!

Not only did the American Idol season 8 winner survive a bad car crash yesterday with his wife Katy, but he's also going to be a father.

"Yes I got in a really bad wreck tonight and yes I'm having a lil baby. #gonnabeadaddy," he Tweeted last night.

Congratulations to Kris on the addition to their family!

He married Katy, his high school sweetheart, back in 2008.

And here's some even more good news. Despite the fact that Kris had surgery on his arm, the show will go on.

"Don't worry everyone I may have broken my wrist but the #OutAliveTour is still on," he also Tweeted.

Feel better soon, Kris!

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