Justin Bieber Instagrams Pic of Vodka Bottle and Deletes It! What's Going On?

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Justin BIeberInstagram

Don't drink and...Instagram?

Justin Bieber and his pal Lil Twist (the one involved in the paparazzo crash) hit up Mexico to ring in the new year. Selena Gomez was reportedly there too.

Known to Instagram like crazy, JB posted a pic of him and Lil Twist toasting and drinking champagne. He also posted a picture of a Grey Goose Vodka bottle with the caption, "Happy new year shh."

Justin is old enough to drink alcohol in Mexico and his homeland of Canada, although at 18 he's not of age in the U.S.

Both alchy pictures were quickly taken off Justin's Instagram account, but not before someone saved them and posted them online.

Click here to peep the pics!

This isn't the first time Justin's been spotted drinking alcohol. According to Hollywoodlife.com, while he and Selena were in Australia (where the drinking age is 18) in July 2012, he ordered a beer at a restaurant and she drank a vodka-based cocktail.

She was not seen drinking or even pictured in any of his recent New Year's photos.

Do you think Justin should drink alcohol considering he's such a role model to many? Should he brag and post pics of his partying ways? Why do you think he deleted the pics? Think Scooter Braun had something to say about it?

Ahh, so many questions for the new year!

Let us know what you think!

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