Want the Modern Version of the Perfect '80s Mix Tape? Get the Broke Girl's Spin!

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Fire up your iTunes...it's time to start downloading the Broke Girl's soundtrack to your '80s-inspired life!

(Broke Girl's Guide bloggers Erin Bunch and Michelle Vick put together two perfect mix tapes below!)

Don't you sometimes wish you could walk around with a soundtrack playing along to your every move, just like in the movies? Like, instead of telling a boy how you feel, you could just let sappy music swell as you stare deeply into his eyes? This has long been a fantasy of ours, so today we've created the perfect soundtrack to the life of an '80s-era Broke Girl, as well as the modern-day equivalent for us modern-day BG's. And while it'd kinda be fun (for about 5 minutes) to walk around with a boombox blaring on our shoulders (maybe that's why shoulder pads were so popular?), today we're extra-grateful for the 21st-century convenience of the iPod.

Now, fire up your iTunes...it's time to start downloading our soundtrack to your '80s-inspired life!

Then: Madonna -- "Material Girl"
Now: AlunaGeorge -- "You Know You Like It"

Then: Janet Jackson -- "What Have You Done For Me Lately"
Now: Jason Grier w/ Nite Jewel -- "Dance All Night"

Then: Donna Summer -- "She Works Hard For The Money"
Now: Midnight Magic -- "Beam Me Up"

Then: Cyndi Lauper -- "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Now: Class Actress -- "Let Me Take You Out"

Then: Debbie Gibson -- "Electric Youth"
Now: Flight Facilities -- "Foreign Language"

Then: Michael Jackson -- "Rock With You"
Now: Escort -- Caméleon Chameleon

Then: Pet Shop Boys -- "West End Girls"
Now: Poolside -- "Do you believe?"

Then: Tiffany -- "I Think We're Alone Now"
Now: The Knife -- "Pass This On"

Then: The Police -- "Every Breath You Take"
Now: Active Child -- "Hanging On"

Then: Prince -- "Little Red Corvette"
Now: Inc. -- "Swear"

Then: Duran Duran -- "Rio"
Now: Franz Ferdinand -- "Tell Her Tonight"

Then: Pat Benatar -- "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"
Now: Icona Pop -- "I Love It"

Then: George Michael -- "Freedom"
Now: Diamond Rings -- "Something Else"


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