Is Justin Bieber an Overly Obsessed Ex-Boyfriend?!

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Does he call Selena Gomez over 100 times a day since their breakup?

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Justin Bieber pretty much confirmed his breakup with Selena Gomez on Twitter over the weekend and now there are reports he's kind of an overly obsessed ex-boyfriend!

Who would've thought?!

According to, Justin calls Selena 100 times a day trying to win her back and she doesn't answer.


Jelena flew to Mexico together to celebrate New Year's Eve together but that ended quickly when they got into an argument and she ending up going home before the new year even came. They reportedly haven't seen each other since.

Since their big pre-2013 breakup, Selena has tweeted about new beginnings and upcoming shows while Justin's gotten tattoos and in trouble for smoking pot and drinking booze.

Perhaps he is having a hard time with their recent split? What do you guys think?

Do you think Bieber is an overly obsessed ex-boyfriend?
Yes! I bet it's true!423 (53.5%)
No, I don't think he'd bug her like that.193 (24.4%)
Hmm, I'm not sure!174 (22.0%)

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