Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Fake Dating? Haylor Publicity Stunt Rumors Swirl After Breakup

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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift break up, publicity stunt rumors swirl again.

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Now that the initial shock of the Harry Styles and Taylor Swift breakup news is over, we're still hearing plenty of buzz that Haylor was never a real relationship.

Did Taylor and Harry hook up for a publicity stunt? Or were there real feelings there?

We've heard the Haylor fake dating rumors before, but maybe it's worth a second look, given the abrupt break up that appeared to happen in the middle of their British Virgin Islands vacation.

Did Taylor use Harry for song material? Did Harry use Taylor for exposure?

Honestly, we can't understand how either of them would need a publicity stunt for more attention.

We've read several reports (unconfirmed, mind you) that said the Haylor New Year's Eve kiss was planned--that they were supposed to go on the kiss cam, but Harry shot that down.

Though not confirmed, we have to wonder if the NYE kiss was a fake--check out this Pepsi promo video from earlier in December that seemed to predict that we might see Harry and Taylor kiss on camera on New Year's Eve.


Do you think Haylor was a publicity stunt?
Yes, totally fake.1510 (52.6%)
I don't know.890 (31.0%)
No, I think Harry and Taylor were a real couple.472 (16.4%)

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