James Franco and Ashley Benson Make Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" Parody Video! (WATCH!)

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Peep it here!

James Franco and Ashley BensonYouTube

Justin Bieber watch out, James Franco might have more swag than you!

Actor James Franco did his best Bieber impression in a parody video he just recently posted online.

In the vid, James sings JB's hit single, "Boyfriend," while his Spring Breakers costar and reported girlfriend, Ashley Benson, sports darker hair and swoons beside him.

The video is pretty funny and totally made us LOL. James does his best with the "Bieber hair" while Ashley looks a lot like Selena Gomez! Their new project also made us see that James and Ashley are SO a thing these days!

So why'd James decide to do a Bieber parody?

It might have something to do with Ashley's ex-boyfriend, Ryan Good, who is also Justin's BFF. She supposedly ditched Ryan for James after they fell for each other while taping Spring Breakers over the summer (which Selena stars in too!). As we told you before, Sel wasn't too happy with Ash when she broke Ry Ry's heart. Aww!

Peep the entire James Franco/Ashley Benson "Boyfriend" parody video below! Your thoughts?

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