Austin Mahone: 5 Things You Should Know!

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Learn about the next big star Austin Mahone! With so many new artists on our radar, it's difficult to keep an eye--and ear--out for all of them.

But here's one we can't let you miss. We got to chat with YouTube famed singer Austin Mahone (who's getting some major comparisons to the Biebs) over the phone, and we've narrowed it down to five things that you should know about him now. Check them out:

1: Austin was born in Texas and grew up around a lot of country music but got interested in hip-hop and R&B once he discovered T-Pain.

2: He describes his music style as, "Upbeat. Makes you want to jump around the beach. Just happy pop."

3: Austin's special talent is that he can beat box! Real well too (he swears).

4: This year, Austin will be going on tour and opening for Taylor Swift!

5: How would Austin describe his upcoming album in three words? "Best. Album. Ever."

How would we describe Austin's upcoming album two words? Can't. Wait.

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