Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Breakup: Taylor Was "Nagging" and Jealous, According to Report

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Did Harry Styles and Taylor Swift break up because she was too demanding?

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The Haylor breakup is behind us, but the rumors live on...the latest is that Harry Styles didn't like how Taylor Swift was too demanding...and nagging...and jealous.

A source tells The Mirror, "Harry and Taylor had an incredibly intense relationship, and really did care strongly about one another," adding, "Sadly it fizzled out just as quickly, and came to a head following a series of angry spats on holiday."

What were Harry and Taylor's fights about?

The insider notes, "Harry felt Taylor was nagging him, quizzing him on his intentions with various women and generally having very little faith in him."

If this source is to be believed, it sounds like Taylor might have been a bit jealous.

Overall, the source shares, "It all became too much and Harry found her a little too demanding. Taylor probably engineered the split but Harry held all the cards in the relationship."


We may never know the real reason that Haylor broke up...or maybe we should just wait for Taylor to explain it in a song!

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