One Direction Fans: Happy About Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Breakup? Peep the Proof!

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Were you one of these fans?!

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One Direction's Harry Styles might be down from his recent split with Taylor Swift but there is one thing he can smile about!

Since the news of Haylor's breakup a few says ago, 1D has raked in the cash!

According to, One Direction's world tour ticket sales have gone up nearly 50% since the news broke that Harry is now a single man again. The jump in sales totally proves he's a key player in the band's success AND that fans are happy he's not with Taylor anymore.

Taylor Swift can't say the same, her ticket sales have actually dropped since dating Harry. Ouch!

It all comes down to the fact that girls love Harry. A lot of 1D fans probably dig Taylor too but when it comes down to it, they side with Styles because they see her as competition. Maybe Taylor should've thought about this one a little could possibly hurt her career!

Are you going to check out 1D on tour this year? Are you happy Haylor is over? Let us know!

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