Taylor Swift Tells Selena Gomez: "Harry Styles Was a Jerk," Said Mean Things

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Taylor Swift reportedly tells Selena Gomez that Harry Styles "was a jerk."

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The Harry Styles and Taylor Swift breakup rumors keep rolling in...with a new report that Taylor told BFF Selena Gomez that Harry was a jerk!

We know from other reports that Harry "said something he shouldn't have" and that Taylor was jealous, "nagging" and "demanding," so the blame has been pretty fairly distributed.

This new tidbit, if to be believed, paints Harry as a not-so-nice guy.

Could there be any truth to it?

A source tells HollywoodLife.com, "Taylor and Selena are definitely planning some girl nights. Taylor said Harry Styles was a jerk, and said really mean things to her."

The source added, "Selena told her that they were better than those losers, so they can't wait to have a bunch of girls over and dance it out!"

It sounds a little silly to us, but who knows?

One thing's for sure--Hazza fans are bummed that Harry's being made to look like the bad guy!

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