Charlie Sheen Pays for Justin Bieber Paparazzo Funeral Expenses! Should Justin Help Too?

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Is Chris Guerra's family mad at Bieber?

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He might be a little crazy at times but he is definitely generous, that's for sure!

Charlie Sheen has donated $12,000 to the family of Chris Guerra, the photog killed while snapping pictures of Justin Bieber's pulled over car last week. He is good friends with someone in Guerra's family and heard they needed some help financially.

Sheen has helped many less fortunate before! He just paid a 10-year-old cancer patient's medical bill and even dug Lindsay Lohan out of the hole by paying her huge tax debt.

In a newly released statement Charlie discussed Guerra's accident, "A tragic incident like this erases the line between the photographer and the subject. It's an unforgiving moment that begs us all to be human and work as one to prevent this in the future. As parents, we are all not supposed to bury our children. My deepest condolences to the families involved."

Bless his heart!

Guerra's family has finally talked about the incident too saying they aren't upset with Justin. Read more about that here.

Now, many are wondering if Justin will cough up some cash to help the family out too. It's not like he's obligated to do so but it would be super nice of him! What do you think?

Do you think Justin should help the photog's family out?
Yes! He has the money to do so!1 (33.3%)
No, it wasn't his fault.1 (33.3%)
Hmm, that's a tough one! I'm not sure.1 (33.3%)

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